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Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:121-233
Review Article
Status of Pathology Services and Molecular Pathology in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Combating Breast Cancer
Wajana Lako LABISSO
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:121-131
Original Articles
Association between False Positive, False Negative, High-Background Cases and Humidity in One Lambda LABTypeTM HLA-DR Typing
Hyang Son AN1 and Minsung SOHN2
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:132-142
Infection Control in Pulmonary Function Laboratories in Domestic Hospitals
Nan-Hee LEE1 and Suhng Wook KIM2
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:143-150
Effect of Erythritol on Glucosyl Transferase and Fructosyl Transferase Gene Expression in Streptococcus mutans
Young-Nam PARK1 and Jae-Ki RYU2
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:151-158
Blood Collection Workload and Safety of Medical Technologists at Korean Hospitals
Sung-Bae PARK1 , Suk JEKAL2 , Weon Joo HWANG3 , Do Wang LEE4 , Choong Won SEO5 , Sunghyun KIM6
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:159-166
Relationship between Albuminuria and Uric Acid to High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio in Korean Adults
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:167-173
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Brachythecium populeum Extract
Sang-Nam PARK1 and Ok Hee LEE2
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:174-183
Role of p-anisaldehyde in the Differentiation of C2C12 Myoblasts
Dal-Ah KIM1 , Kyoung Hye KONG1 , Hyun-Jeong CHO2 , Mi-Ran LEE3
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:184-194
Comparison of Caries Activity of Some Children's Beverages Inoculated with Streptococcus mutans
Young-Nam PARK
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:195-202
The Role of Medical Technologists in Next-Generation Sequencing and Clinical Genetic Tests
Hyun-Seok JIN1,2 , Sangjung PARK1 , Mi-Sook AHN3 , Sangwook PARK4
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:203-212
Technical Notess
New Role and Implications of Japanese Clinical Laboratory Technologists through Team Medical Care
Bon-Kyeong KOO1 , Min Woo LEE2 , Sang Hee LEE3 , Byoung Ho CHOI4
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:213-218
Precautions and Suggestions for Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography
Kun-Woo KANG , Eui-Jeong LEE , Hyun-Kyung LEE , Eun-Son LEE , Yang-Hee LIM , Hyung-Tae HAN
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:219-226
The Education System for Cytotechnologists and Efforts to Improve Professionalism in the United States of America
Eun-Suk PARK
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2023;55:227-233
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