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Comparison of the Serum Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase and Serum Uric Acid Levels according to the Obesity Types Based upon on the Body Mass Index in Korean Men
Korean J Clin Lab Sci 2019;51:50-56  
Published on March 31, 2019
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Kyung A Shin

Department of Clinical Laboratory Science, Shinsung University, Dangjin, Korea
Correspondence to: Kyung A Shin
Department of Clinical Laboratory Science, Shinsung University, 1 Daehak-ro, Jeongmi-myeon, Dangjin 31801, Korea, Tel: 82-41-350-1408, Fax: 82-41-350-1355, E-mail:, ORCID:
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
This study examined the relationship between the serum GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase) and uric acid level in obese male adults. A total of 14,283 adult males aged 20 years or more, who visited the health examination center of Gyeonggi Regional General Hospital from January 2017 to August 2018 and underwent a physical examination, were enrolled in this study. The obesity criteria were defined by the Asia-Pacific regional standards. Abdominal obesity was defined as a male waist circumference of more than 90 cm. An increase in the serum uric acid and serum CGT levels of the male subjects was defined as 7.0 mg/dL or more and 56 IU/L or more, respectively. The results showed that the serum GGT and uric acid levels were higher in the overweight and obese groups than in the normal weight group. In the obese group, the serum GGT and uric acid were significantly higher in the patients with abdominal obesity. On the other hand, there was no difference compared to the low body weight group. The overweight and obesity groups showed a higher risk of elevated serum GGT and hyperuricemia than the normal weight group, but a low body weight did not affect the serum GGT elevation and hyperuricemia. Overall, the serum GGT and uric acid levels are useful for evaluating overweight and obesity in adult males.
Keywords : Body mass index, Gamma-glutamyl transferase, Obesity, Uric acid

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