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Table 2.

Emergency (stat) tests in hospital clinical laboratory

Test items
- Blood gas, CO-oximetry
- Complete blood cell count, Automated WBC 5-differential, Body fluid cell count, Body fluid cell differential
- Blood coagulation
- Cardiac enzyme, Cardiac maker, Electrolyte, Liver function, Metabolic function, Kidney function, Inflammatory marker
- Urinalysis, Urine sedimentation
- Pregnancy
- Urine drug screen
- Gram stain, Stool occult blood
- Microbial antigen rapid detection
- Infection disease rapid detection (Respiratory syncytial virus, Influenza virus, COVID-19, Rotavirus, Malaria)
- Blood typing, Cross matching, Anti-globulin

Abbreviations: CO, carbon monoxide; WBC, white blood cell; COVID-19, coronavirus disease of 2019.

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