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Table 1.

Characteristics of drinks and control group

Group Product name (company) Composition
C Coca-cola (Coca-cola Korea bottling) Liquefied fructose, carbonic acid gas, caramel color, phosphoric acid
F Minute maid Koo Grape (Coca-cola beverage) Citric acid, grape fruit juice, sucralose, vitamin C, sugar syrup, calcium lactate
F. milk EO (Namyang company) Skim milk 23.726%, powdered skim milk 1.074%, liquefied fructose, dextrose, lactobacillus bifidus, xylitol, sucralose, cyclodextrin cyrup
Milk Seoul milk (Seoul milk) Korea cow’s milk 100%
Control 0.25% glucose TSB 0.25% glucose (D-(+)-glucose), TSB, deionized water

Abbreviations: C, carbonated drink; F, fruit drink; F. milk, fermented milk; TSB, tryticase soy broth.

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