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Table 2.

Relative quantities of gtf and ftf expression of different sugars by real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction

unit: fold change

Genes Group
Eryrhritol Xylitol Sorbitol Sucrose Control (DW)
gtfB** 1.00±0.00a) 3.16±0.98a),b) 7.16±0.28c) 11.83±0.05d) 6.87±1.30b),c)
gtfC** 1.00±0.00a) 4.50±0.63a),b) 7.03±1.37b) 11.82±1.15c) 6.65±0.72b)
gtfD** 1.00±0.00a) 1.79±0.53a) 5.85±0.16b) 10.29±1.01c) 5.83±0.94b)
ftf ** 1.00±0.00a) 2.55±0.38a),b) 5.42±0.05b),c) 7.09±1.51c) 5.73±1.39b),c)

**P<0.01, by Kruskal-Wallis test.

a),b),c),d)The same letter indicates no significant difference by Mann-Whitney test.

Abbreviations: gtf, glucosyl transferase; ftf, fructosyl transferase; DW, distilled water.

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