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Fig. 3.

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Correlation analyses of LRRK2 and IL10-related gene expression in LUSC tumors. (A) Pearson correlation analysis of LRRK2 and IL10-related gene (NFIL3, NFAT5, NOTCH1, STAT6, MRC1, PPARG, MAF, BATF, ARG1, TGFB1, PRDM1, AHR, IRF4, CD36, VEGFA, JUNB, HIF1A ILRL1, CD163, and PPARGC1A) was conducted in LUSC tumors using the GEPIA ( tool. (B) Summary of correlation coefficient (R) value from the significant data shown in Figure 3A.
Abbreviations: TPM, transcripts per million reads; LRRK2, leucine-rich repeat kinase 2; LUSC, lung squamous cell carcinoma; GEPIA, gene expression profiling inter-active analysis.
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