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Table 4.

Main areas of specialized in clinical laboratory science

Specific areas Sub-disciplines
Clinical biochemistry or Biochemistry - Biochemistry; Urinalysis and Body fluid examinations; Endocrinology; Toxicology; Radioisotope examinations
Clinical hematology or Hematology - Hematology; Hemostasiology; Flow cytometry
Clinical transfusionology or Transfusionology - Blood type serology; Blood banking
Clinical immunology or Immunology - Autoimmune serology; Microbial serology
Clinical microbiology or Microbiology - Bacteriology; Mycology; Virology; Parasitology
Clinical molecular biology or Molecular biology - Cytogenetics; Molecular genetics (including histocompatibility); Molecular pathology; Molecular microbiology
Clinical histology or Histology - Pathohistology; Immunohistology
Clinical cytology or Cytology - Gynecological cytology; Non-gynecological cytology
Clinical physiology - Cardiovascular physiology; Pulmonary physiology; Neurophysiology;Ophthalmic examinations; Otological examinations; Cardiovascular sonography; Neurosonography
Clinical laboratory operations or Laboratory operations - Operations management; Specimen collection (including phlebotomy);Medical practice assistance/support
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