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Fig. 4.

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Cell morphology changes and E-cadherin cleavage kinetics are different in staurosporine and Bacteroides fragilis toxin-treated MCF7 cells. (A) Human breast MCF7 cells were treated with rET, 250 μM STS, SFM, BHIB, or rNT for 9 hours and cellular images were taken by using an inverted microscope (×40). MCF7 cells were pre-treated with 1.5 μM γ-secretase inhibitor (L-685,458) or 2 μM proteasome inhibitor (carfilzomib) for 30 min and incubated with 250 μM STS or rET for the indicated time period 3 hours (B), 6 hours (C), or 9 hours (D). Cell lysates were examined by Western blot analysis using C-terminal specific E-cadherin antibodies. GAPDH was used as internal control. Abbreviations: See Figure 2; STS, staurosporine; SFM: serum-free media.
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