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Table 2.

Representative reference equations applicable to the subjects under study

Author, reference Reference equation formula application subject Reference equation (discretionary name)
Crapo et al. 1999 [8] M ‒2.0956+0.04052×H‒0.02411×A ‒3.5922+0.05207×H‒0.01532×A Central Asia Central Asian equation
F ‒1.1576+0.03053×H‒0.02234×A ‒2.1706+0.03889×H‒0.01495×A
Gnanou et al. 2011 [9] M ‒1.284+0.03167×H‒0.027×A ‒2.176+0.03889×H‒0.027×A Southeast Asia Southeast Asian equation
F ‒0.643+0.02265×H‒0.02×A ‒1.147+0.02695×H‒0.018×A
Memon et al. 2007 [10] M ‒1.44+0.03×H‒0.02×A ‒0.848+0.032×H‒0.02×A South Asia South Asian equation
F ‒1.866+0.032×H‒0.019×A ‒3.072+0.042×H‒0.02×A
Choi et al. 2005 [11] M ‒3.4132+0.04578×H‒0.0002484×A2 ‒4.8434‒(0.00008633×A2)+0.01095×W+0.05292×H Korea Dr.Choi equation
F ‒2.4114+0.03558×H‒0.000192×A2 ‒3.0006‒(0.0001273×A2)+0.006892×W+0.03951×H
Quanjer et al. 2012 [12] M exp(‒10.3420+0.0574×ln(A)+2.2196×ln(H)‒0.0351+mu‒spline) exp(‒11.2281+0.0865×ln(A)+2.4135×ln(H)‒0.0405+mu-spline) Northeast Asia GLI2012- Northeast Asian equation
F exp(‒9.6987‒0.0270×ln(A)+2.1211×ln(H)‒0.0149+mu-spline) exp(‒10.4030‒0.0234×ln(A)+2.2633×ln(H)‒0.0262+mu-spline)
Quanjer et al. 2012 [12] M exp(‒10.3420+0.0574×ln(A)+2.2196×ln(H)‒0.0881+mu-spline) exp(‒11.2281+0.0865×ln(A)+2.4135×ln(H)‒0.1177+mu-spline) Southeast Asia GLI2012-Southeast Asian equation
F exp(‒9.6987‒0.0270×ln(A)+2.1211×ln(H)‒0.1208+mu-spline) exp(‒10.4030‒0.0234×ln(A)+2.2633×ln(H)‒0.1516+mu-spline)

Abbreviations: A, age; H, height; W, weight, FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity; GLI, global lung function initiative; M, male; F, female.

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