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Table 5.

Job titles of clinical laboratorian compared to specialist physicians

Specialist physicians Technologists
Pathologist - Pathology Technician (Histopathology Technician, Cytology Technician): US OPM
Histopathologist - Histotechnologist, Histology Technician: US ASCP BOC
Cytopathologist (Clinical Cytologist) - Cytototechnologist: US ASCP BOC
Anatomical Pathologist - Anatomical Pathology Technician: UK NHS
Clinical Pathologist - Clinical Pathology Technician: Brazil CBO
Clinical Laboratory Physician - Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Technician: US SOC
Physician in Laboratory Medicine - Medical Laboratory Technician: ISCOMedical Laboratory Technologist: Canada NOC
Medical/Clinical Biologist* - Medical Laboratory Technician (Medical Biology Technician): France PCS

Abbreviations: US, United States; UK, United Kingdom; OPM, Office of Personnel Management; ASCP BOC, American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification; NHS, National Health Service; CBO, Classificação Brasileira de Ocupações; SOC, Standard Occupational Classification; ISCO, International Standard Classification of Occupations; NOC, National Occupational Classification; PCS, Professions et Catégories Socioprofessionnelles.

*Physician, pharmacist, chemist, biochemist or biologist (used in France, Netherlands, and others).

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