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Table 4.

Specific area in pathology, laboratory medicine, and clinical laboratory science

Organizations Subspecialty disciplines (year issued∼year terminated)
US ABPath (Combined AP/CP, AP-only, CP-only) - Blood banking/Transfusion medicine (1973),Chemical pathology (1951), Clinical informatics (2013),Cytopathology (1989), Dermatopathology (1974),Forensic pathology (1959), Hematopathology (1955),Immunopathology (1983∼1997), Medical microbiology (1950),Molecular genetic pathology (2001), Neuropathology (1948),Pediatric pathology (1990), Radioisotope pathology (1974∼1983)
US CLPS - Clinical chemistry, Hematology, Immunohematology,Immunology, Microbiology
UK ACP - Chemical pathology, Forensic pathology, Haematology,Histopathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular pathology
EU SLM/MB, SMM, SP - Clinical chemistry, Laboratory haematology, Laboratory immunology, Laboratory genetics, Medical microbiology, Pathology
Clinical laboratory science in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan - Clinical biochemistry (or Clinical chemistry; including endocrinology and toxicology), Clinical hematology, Clinical transfusionology (or called Clinical transfusion science), Clinical immunology, Clinical microbiology (including virology and parasitology), Clinical molecular biology, Clinical histology, Clinical cytology, Clinical cardiopulmonary physiology, Clinical neurophysiology

Abbreviations: US, United States; UK, United Kingdom; EU, European Union; ABPath, American Board of Pathology; Combined AP/CP, Combined Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology; AP-only, Anatomic Pathology only; CP-only, Clinical Pathology only; ACLPS, Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists; ACP, Association of Clinical Pathologists; SLM/MB, Section of Laboratory Medicine/Medical Biopathology; SMM, Section of Medical Microbiology; SP, Section of Pathology.

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