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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Occupation classification of ophthalmic service personnel in ISCO, SOC, KSCO, and JSOC

Documents Codes and job titles
ISCO-08 22 Health professionals
2212 Specialist medical practitioners (ex, Ophthalmologists)
2267 Optometrists and Ophthalmic opticians (including Orthoptists)
32 Health associate professionals
3212 Medical and pathology laboratory technicians
3254 Dispensing opticians
SOC 2018 29∼1000 Healthcare diagnosing or treating practitioners
29∼1040 Optometrists
29∼1299 Healthcare diagnosing or treating practitioners, all other (including Orthoptists)
29∼1241 Ophthalmologists
29∼2000 Health technologists and technicians
29∼2010 Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians
29∼2057 Ophthalmic medical technicians
29∼2081 Dispensing opticians
29∼2099 Health technologists and technicians, all other (including Paraoptometric technicians)
51∼9000 Other production workers
51∼9083 Ophthalmic laboratory technicians
KSCO 2017 241 Medical diagnosis and treatment professionals
24116 Ophthalmologists
245 Therapists and medical technologists
24510 Clinical laboratory technologists
246 Health and medical related workers
24630 Opticians
JSOC 2009 12 Medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists
121 Medical doctors (ex, Ophthalmologists)
14 Medical technicians
143 Clinical laboratory technicians
145 Orthoptists
15 Other health and medical related workers
159 Other health and medical related workers not elsewhere classified (including Opticians)

Abbreviations: ISCO, International Standard Classification of Occupations; SOC, Standard Occupational Classification; KSCO, Korea Standard Classification of Occupations; JSOC, Japan Standard Occupational Classification.

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