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Table 3.

Taxonomic changes of anaerobic gram-negative rods isolated from humans

Phylum and genus Species or subspecies Previous name(s) or synonym References
Bacteroides B. fragilis group [38]
Parabacteroides P. chongii New species [44]
P. distasonis Bacteroides distasonis [41]
P. godonii New species [42]
P. goldsteinii Bacteroides goldsteinii [41]
P. johnsonii New species [43]
P. merdae Bacteroides merdae [41]
Porphyromonas P. asaccharolytica Bacteroides asaccharolyticus [40]
Bacteroides melaninogenica subspecies asaccharolytica [40]
P. endodontalis Bacteroides endodontalis [40]
P. gingivalis Bacteroides gingivalis [40]
P. pasteri New species [49]
P. pogonae New species [50]
Prevotella P. bivia Bacteroides bivius [39]
P. buccae Bacteroides buccae, Bacteroides ruminicola subspecies brevis [39]
Bacteroides capillus, Bacteroides pentosaceus
P. buccalis Bacteroides buccalis [39]
P. corporis Bacteroides corporis [39]
P. dentalis Mitsuokella dentalis, Hallella seregens [47]
P. denticola Bacteroides denticola [39]
P. disiens Bacteroides disiens [39]
P. heparinolytica Bacteroides heparinolyticus, related to B. fragilis group [39]
P. intermedia Bacteroides intermedius [39]
Bacteroides melaninogenica subspecies intermedius
P. micans New species [45]
P. loescheii Bacteroides loescheii [39]
P. melaninogenica Bacteroides melaninogenica [39]
Bacteroides melaninogenica subspecies melaninogenicus
P. nanceiensis New species [46]
P. oralis Bacteroides oralis [39]
P. oris Bacteroides oris, Bacteroides ruminicola subspecies brevis [39]
P. oulorum Bacteroides oulorum, Prevotella oulora [39]
P. veroalis Bacteroides veroalis [39]
P. zoogleoformans Bacteroides zoogleoformans, related to B. fragilis group [39]
Fusobacterium F. equinum New species [54]
F. nucleatum subspecies animalis [52]
F. nucleatum subspecies necleatum [52]
F. nucleatum subspecies polymorphum [52]
F. nucleatum subspecies vincentii Later synonym of F. nucleatum subspecies fusiform [52]
F. pseudoperiodonticum New species [56]
Dialister D. invisus New species [57]
D. pneumosintes Bacteroides pneumosintes [57]
Selenomonas* S. sputigena [58]
Bilophila* B. wadsworthia New species [60]
Sutterella* S. wadsworthensis Campylobacter gracilis, Bacteroides gracilis [59]

*New genus.

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