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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Area and enviroment of collecting mosquitoes

Sites Environments Trapping method Latitude and longitude
Barn Cattle shed BL N36.001138°, E127.223671°
Gentlemen toilet Bird sanctuary BL N36.019929°, E126.765432°
Reed forest of migratory bird sanctuary BG N36.019929°, E126.765432°
Women’s restroom BL N36.019929°, E126.765432°
Jeonbuk National University City BL N35.844434°, E127.129235°
Deokjin-gu office BL N35.829629°, E127.134519°
Deokjin park BG N35.847955°, E127.121865°

Abbreviations: BL, black light traps; BG, biogents’sentinel traps.

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