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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Results of focused group interview (FGI) analysis of workforce supply and other improvement requirements related COVID-19

Item Improvement requirements
Supply and demand of workforce

? The proportion of appropriate personnel, performance ability, and necessity of training period

- The product of many clinical pathologists' sacrifices and efforts to supplement emergency personnel for COVID-19 testing

- In the event of an infectious disease, the laboratory task force team (TFT) is organized to cope with it

- It is urgent to form a team dedicated to COVID-19, and due to the lack of workforce, clinical pathologists are mobilized in their own laboratory

- Due to the lack of inspection personnel, a dedicated team is needed due to poor work

- Guidelines for the supply and demand of inspectors are not prepared

- Due to the nature of the molecular diagnostic test, sufficient training period of at least 2 months is required

- I hope to provide an opportunity to increase the proportion of appropriate inspectors

? Problems and improvement requirements for manpower supply and demand

- PCR the main test method of COVID-19, must have a long training period

- It is necessary to diversify practical education programs to promote professional workforce training

- Due to labor costs, frequent resignation due to hiring of contract workers causes work gaps

- It is necessary to increase manpower to obtain rapid and accurate results by providing a stable inspection environment

- Since PCR tests are tests where the inspector's proficiency or inspection conditions affect the results, it is necessary to recognize that it is difficult to obtain accurate results if the test is performed with insufficient workforce

Other improvement requirements related to COVID-19

? The lack of related education

? Implementation of rotational work by securing appropriate workforce

? Systematic support policy is required in case of infection during the examination process

? There is a need for a program to train experienced sample collectors

? Need to be aware of the role and utilization of medical technologists according to changes in the health care environment

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