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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Results of focused group interview (FGI) analysis in the COVID-19 related test fields (sample collection, test method, safety management)

Items Improvement requirements
Problems with sample collection

? Protection regulations for specimen collectors

? Standardization of infection regulations when collecting samples

? The need for systematic education programs

? Improving the treatment of medical technologists

? Improvement of defective sample tube cap, etc.

Test method

? Error factors and solutions during the test

- Training program for error occurrence is needed

- After evaluating the proficiency of the examiner, the examination is conducted

- Non-specific results will be re-examined

? Problems and improvement requirements of the test method

- Hygiene management

- Use of inactivated transportation

- Reviewing the extraction of nucleic acids outside the negative pressure room

? Measures to secure stability of test reagents, etc.

- Separation of laboratory areas prevents contamination of reagents

- Using the same Lot product reagent

- After sample pretreatment is completed, internal control is divided immediately before extraction

- Extract immediately

Safety management

? Safety management manual of each hospital

- Safety manual

- Starting with the latest COVID-19 response, the manual was reorganized and the laboratory was operated

- Defense clothing, work space (BSC Room), disinfection, temperature check, and infection control enhancement

? Problems and improvement requirements for safety management

- Caution for cross-contamination

- Safety box and negative pressure facilities are required

- Level D wear protective clothing, goggles, and gloves thoroughly and follow the disinfection guidelines

? Prepare legal protective measures in the event of a safety accident

- Legal protection measures are taken in accordance with the hospital's own regulations

- No legal protection measures are in place for testers

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