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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Increase of tumor antigen specific T cells immune responses and memory CD8 T cells by chemo-immunotherapy. (A) Target cells of MC38/CEA2 and GL26 were labeled with 51Cr and incubated with effector cells in the ratio indicated. The results show the mean specific lysis of splenocytes from individually tested mice. (B) The results represent the mean number of IFN-γ spots per 5×104 splenocytes from individually tested mice using ELISPOT. (C) At days 35 post tumor challenge, the splenocytes from mice of each group were harvested and stained with anti-CD8, anti-CD44 and anti-CD62L antibodies. The proportion of central memory T cells (TCM) and effector memory T cells (TEM) gated on CD8 T cells were measured by flow cytometry. ***P<0.001 indicates a statistically significant difference of the underlined groups. The results represent the average values±SD of four mice per group in a representative experiment of three separate experiments.
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