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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Induction of potent anti-tumor immunity and amelioration of body weight loss by chemo-immunotherapy. (A) Schematic representation of the experimental groups and schedule. (B) The data represents an inhibition of tumor growth on 35 days in administered mice by each treatment in Figure 1, Figure 3. (C) Mice were injected with CYP 100 mg/kg (i.p.×1) or 1×106 CEA peptide-pulsed DC×3 (CEA/DC×3) or CYP 100 mg/kg (i.p.×1)+CEA/DC×3 on 10 days after s.c. implantation of MC38/CEA2 cells in the right flank. CEA/DC×3 was subcutaneously vaccinated three times every week in the opposite flank. The data shows a body weight on 35 days in administered mice by each treatment. The results represent the average values±SD of ten mice per group in a representative experiment of three separate experiments. ***P<0.001, **P<0.01, *P<0.05.
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