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Fig. 4.

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The electrophoresis and membrane blotting results compared with other RBD protein. The developed RBD antigen (Lane 1) and previously marketed RBD antigen (Lane 2) were undergone comparison analysis in terms of size. When electrophoresis results of the both RBD recombinant antigens were stained, it was observed that the size of the previously marketed RBD antigen is larger than the developed recombinant antigen (A). Moreover, when the gel of the SDS-PAGE was transferred to a membrane treated with an antibody for COVID-19 RBD, both bands could be transferred to the membrane (B), this means that the RBD protein on the membrane specifically binds to anti-RBD antibody. The dot blotting results suggested that both proteins could be recognized by RBD antibodies even in 3D structure (C).
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