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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Result of the regulome DB with SNPs in the NDFIP2

Gene SNP BP A1 A2 Regulome
Score TFBS DNase Proteins bound Motifs
NDFIP2 rs7990344 78957081 C T 3a + + TCF12, HNF4A, ATF3, POLR2A, FOSL2, SIN3A, CREB1, ASH2L, EP300 TP73
rs7339303 78988866 A G 3a + + GATA1, ZMYM3 NANOG, RARA
rs1475797 78991826 A C 3a + + SPI1 HOXA10, HOXA11, HOXA13, HOXC12, HOXC13, HOXD10, HOXD11, HOXD12, HOXD13, PDX1, POU2F1, POU2F2
rs2783122 79001279 G A 3a + + ZSCAN5C, HEK293T, HEK293 AIRE
rs1408049 79011653 G C 3a + + ZBTB17 FOXD2
rs987284 79021985 C A 3a + + ZNF189, GATA2, RCOR1, EP300, GATA3 SPIC

Abbreviations: BP, base pair; A1, minor allele; A2, major allele; TFBS, transcription factor binding site.

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