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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

CRP levels in mg/dL patients in severe, non-severe, survivor and non-survivor COVID-19 patients

Severe Non-severe
43.15a 10.05a
1.4a 0.39a
0.54a 0.35a
8.64a 0.34a
54.60a 12.30a
Non-survivors Survivors
12.05b 2.3b
19.4b 7.68b

aCRP levels in severe and non-severe patients which indicates that severe patients have high CRP levels as compared to non-severe [31, 35-38].

bCRP levels in non-survivors patients is high as compared to survivors [39, 40, 51].

After analysis of this data we can say although levels of CRP in mg/dL in severe, and non-survivor patients are vary in every publish article but these value are high in every article relative to non-severe and survivors and till now final threshold value to predict severe and non-survivors patients has not been decided yet.

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