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Table. 7.

Table. 7.

Comparison of diagnostic methods

Method Target Specimens Time Advantages Disadvantages
Rapid antigen test Viral antigen Oral/nasal 10 to 30 minutes Rapid and easy False positives and negatives; hard to batch tests
Serology Virus-specific Antibodies Serum 1 to 4 hours Rapid, specific, sensitive, high throughput Potential cross reactions; need for acute and convalescent specimens
PCR Viral nucleic acid Oral/nasal/ sputum Hours to 1 day Rapid, sensitive, can be distinguishable between strains Requires specialized equipment, expensive
Culture Viral particle Oral/nasal/ sputum Days to weeks Specificity and sensitivity maximum; isolate available for characterization study Requires specialized equipment, Slow (∼1 week)

Abbreviation: PCR, polymerase chain reaction.

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