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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1.

Associations between MACROD2 SNPs and hypertension in Korean population. The positions of the SNPs are shown at the top of the figure, and associations between SNPs in the MACROD2 gene and hypertension in Korean subjects are shown in the middle. The statistical significances (‒log10P-value) of associations with the SNPs are plotted. The recombination rates estimated using HapMap Asian population data is shown by a blue line. The purple diamond with a SNP number represents the SNP most strongly associated with hypertension, and its correlations with other SNPs are shown by colors indicating the levels of linkage disequilibrium (R2). At the bottom of the figure, the nucleotide position of the MACROD2 gene on chromosome 20 (NCBI build 36) is shown.

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