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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Technical development and detection limit of home pregnancy test

Technical features & yearReading time (min)Detection limit (IU of hCG/L)Remarks
False positive and false negative due to technical limitations (1976)1251,250e.p.t. (Warner-Chilcott) The first in-home kit approved by the US FDA (1977).
Use immunochromatography technology (1980)10~3050~800Lateral flow immunoassay
Use hCG monoclonal antibodies (1986)4~85
Use dipstick technology (1990)
Display results with Digital screen, Not Pregnant or Pregnant (2003)1~525~100Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test, the concordance rate between the trained coordinator and the general public was 99.3%
Pregnancy test with weeks indicator (2008)1~510~25Clearblue
Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test (2016)CES 2016

Abbreviations: EPT, early pregnancy test; CES, Consumer Electronics Show.

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