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Table 2.

Analysis of cases, positive rates and infection types

No. of samplesAge (years)RatioAverage CRP (mg/dL)

   Sex ratio (M/F)1.41:1
   Triple or more1254.41.61.4%3.17
 hCoV 229E/NL6320512.21.82.9%3.80
 hCoV OC 4322610.41.63.2%4.19
 INF A60219.25.08.5%4.08
 INF B17017.75.32.4%3.51
 PIV 12665.01.53.7%2.12
 PIV 2855.02.11.2%2.44
 PIV 34786.01.26.7%2.36
 RSV A1,1063.30.515.6%1.67
 RSV B8475.30.811.9%1.95

Abbreviation: hADV, human adenovirus; hCoV, human coronavirus; hMPV, human metapneumovirus; hRV, human rhinovirus; INF, influenza; PIV, parainfluenza virus; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus

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