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Table 1.

Comparison of atherosclerotic risk factors according to arterial stiffness

VariablesNormal group (within normal) N=13Abnormal group (slightly hard+harder) N=101p value
Male (%)10 (76.9)59 (58.4)0.199
Age (year)63.85±10.6161.81±11.100.533
BMI (kg/m2)23.88±2.2324.04±3.160.861
Waste circumference (cm)84.50±8.1786.78±8.760.393
Blood sugar (mg/dL)133.77±30.32145.78±60.730.485
HbAlc (mg/dL)6.18±0.466.61±1.240.032
Total cholesterol (mg/dL)154.49±61.48179.30±38.690.046
Triglyceride (mg/dL)108.45±54.68133.11±80.210.323
HDL cholesterol (mg/dL)41.83±6.8543.53±13.210.662
LDL cholesterol (mg/dL)100.58±29.69100.78±31.740.984
BSBP (mmHg)127.77±18.80142.03±20.820.021
BDBP (mmHg)71.85±8.6883.43±11.840.001
CSBP (mmHg)114.46±18.32130.63±19.980.007
CDBP (mmHg)72.77±8.6784.59±12.020.001
Augmentation index (AIx)19.46±9.6225.11±9.410.044
baPWV (cm/sec)1460.42±187.261976.63±481.81<0.001
Diabetes mellitus (%)1 (7.7)41 (40.6)0.029
Hypercholesterolemia (%)1 (7.7)16 (15.8)0.688
Hypertension (%)6 (46.2)66 (65.3)0.225
Smoking (%)3 (23.1)25 (24.8)1.000
Coronary artery disease (%)3 (23.1)36 (35.6)0.537

BMI (body mass index)=weight (kg)/[height (m)]2.

HbAlc, Hemoglobin Alc; BSBP, brachial artery systolic blood pressure; BDBP, brachial artery diastolic blood pressure; CSBP, central artery systolic blood pressure; CDBP, central arthery diastolic blood pressure; baPWV, brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity.

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